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Joyner Bolt™, the most significant fixing product breakthrough since the cross headed screw - 12/03/2015

Joyner Bolt™, the most significant fixing product breakthrough since the cross headed screw

~ Is this the end of the coach-bolt and the threaded rod? ~

As any builder or carpenter will tell you, joining two pieces of timber together, or timber to metal, using a coach-bolt or threaded rod is not only time consuming but is also frustrating, wasteful and more often than not results in an unsatisfactory joint. And thousands of these flawed fixing methods are used in the construction industry every day.

Using a coach-bolt to join wood to wood, or wood to metal frequently results in the head of the bolt spinning or being pulled into the timber or failing to provide a tight joint or even splitting the wood.  Threaded rods are difficult to cut, difficult to de-burr and difficult to use efficiently in confined spaces.

The end result is an ugly, inefficient joint.

However, with the launch of Joyner Bolt™ (, all the costly and wasteful disadvantages of coach-bolts and threaded rods have been eliminated. Joyner Bolt™ offers a single, reliable and guaranteed perfect fixing  every time.

The Joyner Bolt™ replaces the rounded head of coach-bolt with a flat rectangular head with angled ‘teeth’ which grips the wood around the drilled hole.

The shank of the bolt slides through the hole and as the nut is tightened, the teeth bite into the timber resulting in a tight, non-twist joint that is perfect for joists, roof trusses, stud walls and a host of other wood to wood or wood to metal situations.

Joyner Bolt™ has been developed by Dan Hardingham and Mark Doye, both of whom have first-hand experience of the limitations and inefficiencies caused by coach-bolts and threaded rods - Dan from a design and Mark from an installation perspective.

Commenting on the launch, Dan Hardingham said: “Joyner Bolt™ overcomes every problem associated with coach-bolts and threaded rods. Even if the drilled hole is oversize, Joyner Bolt’s teeth will bite and hold the bolt securely in place and maintain the integrity of the fixing.

“Joyner Bolt is a British invention with a worldwide application and is designed for use at all levels of the construction and building industry, including home DIY.”

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